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About me

About me

Diver. Photographer. Explorer. World Traveler. Nature Lover.

ran mor underwater photographer

About Me

I started taking photos when I was 19. I started diving when I was 20.

Only 5 years later did I realize that my real purpose in life was to combine the two! I haven't stopped since.

When I was 27 I met the love of my life - a Scuba instructor named Danielle. Since then, the two of us have been traveling all around the world, exploring the amazing underwater world and sharing our love for the ocean with fellow divers.

When I was 28, I joined my brother Tal, at Mozaik Underwater Cameras, and continued my journey as an underwater photographer, helping others start their own journey. I discovered a new passion in life - teaching underwater photography and sharing my experience with others.

Along with my lovely wife Danielle, we started Dive and More, taking avid divers and photographers on exciting scuba diving adventures around the world.

In 2019, we founded MyDivePro - a dive experience platform aimed at improving the connection between the diver and the dive professional, by allowing the diver to choose their instructor or divemaster before the activity.

Ran and Danielle Mor

Photo by: Zena Holloway

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Need help with underwater photography?

That's what I'm here for!

If you can't decide which camera or housing to get, which settings to use for macro, how to trigger your strobe, what's the best video light, should you get a wide angle lens or any other query, shoot me an email!

I'm always delighted to help :)