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I write on a regular basis on Mozaik UW Camera's blog. Here are a few of my top articles.

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Top Dive Destinations for Underwater Photographers

When considering where in the world to travel for incredible underwater photography opportunities, your options can be overwhelming. This is ...

Getting Your First Underwater DSLR System

Getting your first underwater DSLR Today there are a lot of options available for shooting underwater. Many prefer shooting with a GoPro or Waterproof all-around cameras which are terrific and great fun! But lets face it - when it comes ...

Choosing Your First Underwater Camera

Whether you have been diving for a while now, or just starting out fresh after finishing your open water course, you're probably starting to think "I need a camera!! Otherwise nobody will believe me that I saw that 10ft shark ...

Choosing the best lens for DSLR underwater

By far, the most important thing when shooting with a DSLR, both top-side and below, is choosing the correct lens. Underwater, this becomes even more important, because every lens needs different gear and ports, so you want to keep your lens arsenal to a minimum. If you’ve finally decided your DSLR is ready for the Big Blue, the first thing you need to decide is which lens you will use and then adjust your setup accordingly...

The Ultimate Guide To Underwater Wet Lenses

Most top-side DSLR / Mirrorless photographers appreciate the importance of having several lenses for different types of shots. A basic photography kit usually includes a wide angle lens, a telephoto zoom lens and perhaps a couple of prime lenses. Switching ...

Underwater Review – Sony RX100 V and Fantasea Housing

I was lucky enough to take the exceptional Sony RX100 V (Mark 5) on an underwater test run in one of the most incredible dive spots in the world – Gardens of the Queen, Cuba. I tested the RX100 V in the Fantasea FRX100IV underwater housing, and needless to say, I was super pleased with the results!

Sony RX100 V vs Canon G7X Mark II – Battle of the High End Compacts!

High end compacts are the hottest thing in underwater photography these days. They’re tiny, boast incredible specs, large sensors, sharp optics, loads of features, rapid focusing and overall astonishing quality. What else does an underwater photographer need?

The Ultimate Settings Guide for Underwater Compact Cameras!

This may be the most frequently asked question by divers venturing into the exciting world of underwater photography – What is the best setting to use on my underwater camera? The hard truth is that there isn’t one magical setting that will make all your photos look like David Doubilet‘s…

Why are underwater strobes so damn important?

Photography is all about light. It actually means “Drawing with light” ( Photo=light, Graph = draw). Many beginner photographers take some time before they grasp this concept and that’s why I, as a photography instructor, take extreme care in passing on that little bit of information, which later goes a long way.

Best Strobe for Underwater – The Ultimate Strobe Guide

If you landed here, it means that you are ready for the next step in underwater photography, and boy what a huge step it is! For those who still don’t appreciate the importance of an underwater strobe for your photos, read this. To sum it up – Strobes are the reason awesome underwater photos are so awesome!

What is TTL – For Underwater Strobes

People love saying TTL. It has a nice ring to it. Say it with me – TTL! 🙂 But what is this elusive TTL? First of all, TTL is an abbreviation for Through The Lens. According to Wikipedia: In photography, through-the-lens (TTL) metering is a feature of cameras whereby light levels are measured through the lens that captures the picture, as opposed to a separate metering window...

Looking For An Affordable Underwater Housing For Your DSLR?

Many of our customer inquiries are by photographers / divers looking for a way to use their Canon / Nikon dSLR’s underwater without breaking the bank. I created this post to summarize all the options available and what are the pros and cons of each.

Shooting Macro Photos with a Video Light

I get this question a lot. Can you shoot still shots with a video light? The answer is basically – It depends… As you probably know, there are two types of lighting options for underwater imagery – Strobes (Flash units) and Video Lights (Constant LED lights). Generally speaking, strobes are intended for still shots and video lights are intended for video...

The Ultimate Guide to Underwater Video Lights

There are two types of lighting which are used underwater, strobes (AKA flashes) and Video Lights (Constant LED Lights). After creating the Ultimate Strobe Guide, we wanted to share our thoughts on the second type, and help you choose the best underwater video light for your needs...