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Underwater Photography Lessons Online

Underwater Photography Lessons Online

Improve your underwater photography, without even leaving the house!

My goal is to help you get better underwater photos.

Online Underwater Photography Lessons

I have been teaching underwater photography for 5 years and land photography for 10 years.
Underwater photography is my greatest passion and my goal is to help you improve your underwater photos and use your personal gear to its full potential.

Thanks to my 5+ years of experience at Mozaik Underwater Cameras, one of the top retailers in North America for UW photo gear, I'm familiar with almost every camera, housing or light in the market, so I can help you learn more about your own personal gear and get the most out of it.

No matter which level you're currently at with your photography, my goal is to help you take better underwater photos!

  • Tailor-Made lessons customized for your level
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Discover the full potential of your personal camera gear
  • Enjoy your dives more
  • Return from a dive trip with amazing photos to share with friends and family
  • Blow up your own photos to hang around the house
  • Become a better scuba diver

What will you learn?

All levels welcome!

The lessons are fully customizable for your needs.

Camera Settings

Camera settings should not be feared! Once you understand how simple it is, you will learn how to control your settings easily and quickly underwater, as well as set everything in advance before the dive to make your life easier while diving.

Using Strobes and lights

Strobes are the reason awesome underwater photos are so awesome! The only way to bring back true colors underwater is by introducing artificial lights. You will learn how to use lights properly, where to position them and how to control them underwater.

Post Processing

Learn how to master color, sharpness, contrast, clarity, white balance and other essential controls to produce the perfect result! Adobe Lightroom is the most common software but any software you feel comfortable with would work.

The Art of Composition

Composition is what turns a good photo into a great photo. Learn about the importance of composition, basic rules and when to break them. Properly composing your shots is a crucial step for any type of photography, including underwater!

Marine Life Behaviour

Knowledge is power! By gaining more knowledge about the different species in the ocean, how the interact with divers and how the interact among themselves, will ultimately enable you to "capture the moment" and nail that shot, without getting fish tails and out of focus shots.

Image Handling

In the digital age, we are swamped by tens of thousands of photos, blocking our hard drives and overloading our minds. Organizing and backing up your images the right way is essential and can save you loads of time and prevent frustration. Learn how to catalog, back up, label and retrieve your photos without the headache.

  • Standard

  • $70
  • Pay as you go
  • Fully customizable
  • Get help with gear assembly
  • Ask everything you ever wanted to know
  • Advanced

  • $300
    5 Hours
  • Full Course
  • Camera Settings
  • Composition
  • Marine Life Behaviour
  • Strobes and Lighting
  • Post Processing
  • Image Handling
  • Zero to Hero

  • $599
    10 Hours
  • Full Course
  • Camera Settings
  • Composition
  • Marine Life Behaviour
  • Strobes and Lighting
  • Post Processing
  • Image Handling
  • In Depth - Macro Photography
  • In Depth - Wide Angle Photography
  • In Depth - Post Processing